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Riding in Lightness Self Study Courses, Group Courses and Private VIP Training to provide you with step by step training solutions on Your Personal Journey to a Forward, Straight, Balanced and Willing Horse that you Love to Ride!

Want to Host a Live Clinic with Celie?

Celie loves to travel and teach both in the US and Abroad!

Whether you have studied with Celie in person or in our online courses, getting a LIVE experience can quantum leap you into the next level with one of our awesome clinics, where years worth of confusion can disappear in an instant, unleashing the full potential of rider and horse! We offer clinics in topics from Basic Natural Horsemanship to Classical Groundwork, In Hand Work, Long Reining, Riding in Lightness Level 1-3, Collection - Piaffe and Passage, Piaffe in the Pillars, Working Equitation, Liberty/Trick training and Horse Behavior & Body Language/Leadership Training. Click on the pink button below to schedule a call and connect with Celie to discuss your hosting options.

Online Courses

From Groundwork to Riding in Lightness...

Horse Training

Jaw Flexion & Neck Extension FREE Download

2 Lessons - FREE

Horse Training

The 3 Forms of Resistance in Riding & How to Solve Them!

14 Lessons - $37

Horse Training

Basic Groundwork for Great Ground Control!

32 Lessons - $97

Horse Training

Classical Groundwork for Straightness & Balance (Laterals)

24 Lessons - $97

What you can expect from these courses...

  • Release years of confusion about concepts such as straightness, lightness, collection, forwardness, throughness, contact, connection, frame etc and gain total clarity level by level.

  • Learn why Groundwork is an essential tool for a forward, straight, balanced and willing horse and history can prove it!

  • Build a strong foundation that you understand and can implement

  • Gain the tools and knowledge you need for succesful training

  • Learn how to train your horse, when to reward and release and when not to

  • Build a safe and predictable partnership with your horse and start having fun again!

  • Accomplish the goals you had given up on and regain the relationship you want

  • Gain a step by step method that makes sense to you and your horse

  • Sustainability - this foundation and the transformation you experience will be permanent!

Want a LIVE Experience?

Work with Celie in one of our Lightness Clinics!

Celie has traveled all her life and lived in many different countries and she loves to connect with amazing trainers, riders and horse enthusiasts all over the world. If you are interested in potentially becoming a clinic host in the US or abroad, schedule a time to talk by clicking the pink button below and we'll look forward to connecting with you!

6 Most Common FAQ's...

About Artful Riding's Online Learning Programs. If your question isn't answered here, don't hesitate to ask!

1. Can I use these methods if I'm not a dressage rider and my horse is not a dressage horse?

Absolutely! True Classical Dressage is historically the original foundation for all other disciplines that currently exist. Therefore no matter which discipline or style you ride, even if you just do trail riding, you can use the classical principles to educate your horse and improve his physical body, mentality and spirit. Also, the specific approach I use is a mixture of Natural Horsemanship and Classical Dressage which in my opinion gives you the very best chance of improving all areas of your relationship with your horse. Classical Dressage is not a sport, it's a method that gymnaticizes, educates and builds a horse to correctly carry his rider with ease.

2. Does Online Learning Really Work?

The biggest thing holding riders back is the inability to see themselves ride. It's hard enough to learn how to "feel" what the horse is doing without being able to correlate what we feel with what can be visually experienced. Therefore, shooting videos of yourself practicing the exercises and comparing them to the learning videos in the program, will provide you with immense insight as to what's really going on and when you are feeling what. I find that my online students many times succeed at a higher level than in person students, because they are given the extra ability of seeing themselves visually and can correct themselves much better. If you choose to receive one on one coaching or group coaching your accountability to your goals and your success rate grows even more!

3. I'm not very techy, will this work for me?

Yes! It's super simple. As long as you have a good internet connection you will be able to access the course material and if you wish to receive training from Celie, all you need is WhatsApp on your phone to send your videos and for all zoom meetings you will receive a simple link to click on that takes you directly there. If this still sounds hard, then don't worry, we will help you set it up in minutes!

4. I'm a beginner, intermediate or advanced rider, which program should I choose?

If you are experiencing any forms of resistance or issues in riding no matter your level or experience, then you will need to start at the beginning with Basic or Classical Groundwork. Most riders and horses even on very high levels still have areas that are missing in their foundation, so fixing the foundation is always the most important thing you can do no matter which level you are at. If you feel you need a custom program to ensure the best result, then Private VIP training will be the best option for you. Email [email protected] for more info on this.

5. I'm a trainer, do you work with trainers?

Yes! I love working with trainers and inspiring them to have even more success with their training and students! The more trainers I can help, the more students learn lightness and the more horses experience peace in mind, body and soul. If you are a trainer who's ready to up your game or if you are a student who wants to include your trainer in your learning process with me, please email [email protected] to discuss your options, so we can all work together as a team!

6. Should I choose self study, group coaching or Private VIP coaching?

That depends on how much support, accountability and guidance you want on your journey into lightness. There is no substitute for having live interaction, inspiration and insight from Celie on a weekly basis or the support you can find in a group program, but sometimes self study is the right way to go where you go at your own space and set your own goals. Whatever floats your boat, but if you want to have a chat with Celie about customizing your process to maximize results, then email [email protected]

Start Riding in Lightness Today!

Lightness truly is the proof of balance, and lack of balance is the cause of all forms of resistance in riding. There is an easier way to ride and train that allows the horse to move as though he is free! Start your journey today...

What clients are saying...

about Celie Weston & ArtfulRiding

The days of struggling wth impulsion seem so long ago...

Kathy Schoettler

Before working with Celie I was exhausted after every ride trying to get my horse forward to the aids. It became so frustrating that I gave up riding my beautiful mare for a whole year. After learning Celie's methodology my horse understands me, goes happily forward and for the first time I feel confident and competent when I'm riding. It has become fun again!

It's amazing how far we've come from online training alone!

Sherri Dolan

I really enjoy Celie's online courses. I've taken other online courses before and I was not happy with any of them. However Celie has given me lots to work on and I love the methodical approach. My horse and I are progressing nicely even in advanced movements!

I have great rides on both my horses now!

Judy Greene

I highly recommend Celie's online courses. I read a lot and have thousands of dollars worth of lessons over the years, but still have gaps in my understanding that her methodical approach is clearly resolving!

My horse is straight, light and forward!

Carol Gullikson

Thank you Celie, for giving me a horse that I can truly enjoy riding. I want you to know that this would not have happened to me if it wasn't for you and this training. I want you to know my true appreciation!

Our Gypsy Vanners are so light!

Nilda & Thomas Moscow

We are the proud owners of two full brother Gypsy Vanners. When we purchased them they were out of training and very stiff. They are drafts and were heavy on the hand and terrible on the ground. Now they are light and versatile and we enjoy using them for dressage, driving and trail riding. Thanks Celie!

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