Celie Weston is a Classical Dressage Trainer, Instructor and Life Coach

Celie Weston is a Classical Dressage Trainer, Instructor and Life Coach who inspires horses and riders all over the world to find harmony and balance together through the Art of Riding in Lightness. Originally from Denmark/Scandinavia, Celie has traveled the world and lived in many different countries from Europe to Australia, the Middle East and now the US. Celie has been featured several times in various TV shows documenting her work with rehabilitating and training horses. As a columnist, Celie was a featured writer for Horseman’s News and the PRE Magazine – the latter focusing on the PRE in art.

Earlier in life, her love for horses and a deep desire to connect with a kinder approach to training them, led her to England – where she began her path towards understanding the method of Natural Horsemanship studying with Monty Roberts and Kelly Marks school of Intelligent Horsemanship.

Since then, Celie has studied with various top trainers – including Master Horseman Manuel Trigo who inspired Celie’s study of the French Philosophy of Lightness and Classical Dressage trainer Luis Fernando Villegas – who had the honor of receiving a scholarship for the second time from the Real Escuela Andaluza del Arte Ecuestre in Spain.

Celie’s main passion has always been Horse Behaviorism and the Art of Classical Dressage. However, Celie also has extensive knowledge in Western riding and gaited horse training.

Fascinated by the connection between horses and humans and how horses can assist people in discovering their true power, Celie became a certified Life Coach in 2007. Her coaching studies are based on theories from cognitive and transformational coaching, developmental psychology, personality type tools and personal development.

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