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Clinics in Lightness & Straightness

February 05, 20241 min read

We have some amazing clinics scheduled in 2018!! Make sure to check out the “Clinic” tab in our menu for dates and info on upcoming clinics and events.The focus of each clinic is on developing higher degrees of Lightness, Straightness and Collection.

The clinics we hold are:

  • Horsemanship Basic Groundwork.

  • Lightness Level 1-3.

  • Straightness from the Ground and Under Saddle.

  • Classical Groundwork.

  • In Hand Work.

  • Long Reining for Collection.

  • Piaffe in the Pillars.

  • Canter Development and Flying Changes.

  • Trick Training & Riding at Liberty.

All breeds and levels are invited to experience how easy a horse can achieve even the hardest of movements when he is light and balanced!!!

Email for more info on clinics and events.

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