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Training Classical Dressage

February 05, 20242 min read

French Classical Dressage brings out the highest potential in your horse by improving performance, athletic ability and wellness!

I accept horses in full and partial monthly training and focus on developing their bodies and minds towards greater and greater levels of Lightness based on the French Classical Philosophy of Legerete (Lightness/Ease).

The first step of the training process starts with lifting the withers of the horse in order to lower the croup and teach the horse to step underneath himself elevating the forequarters from very early on. At the same time jaw flexion and neck extension are taught to achieve relaxation and avoid resistance. Horses trained this way arrive at self carriage very quickly and can move with balance, self impulsion, willingness and softness. All advancements are made with respect for the horse and in harmony with his conformation, physical abilities and mental capacity.

The second step is developing straightness in the horse. I do this by teaching the horse to bend, contracting and stretching muscles on both sides of the horse equally to achieve symmetry in the muscular structure. By bending the horse, the hind leg can easier step to the point of weight and lift the forequarters. The point of weight or center of gravity is the location on the ground where the hind leg needs to be in order to carry the horse successfully. Bending the horse also allows the hind legs to transfer their power “straight” into the ground avoiding the risk of injuries. Horses with soundness issues are often accepted into a straightness rehabilitation program as crooked or unbalanced movement in itself often causes lameness.

Lightness is the Proof of Balance and The Philosophy of Lightness can improve any type of horse, no matter the age or training level, breed or discipline. Gaited horses and jumpers also benefit greatly from this method.

For more info on training be sure to click on the “Training” tab in our menu or email to find out how to get your horse in training today!

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